ITLA History

The First meeting held to discuss starting a new Longhorn Association was held in October of 1989 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

An Organizational Meeting was held in Dallas/ Fort Worth January 12th, 1990.

On March 9th, 1990 There was an organizational workshop held in Austin, Texas where ITLA was actually formed. The Steering committee consisted of Jerry Williams. Bill Anthony, Happy Shahan, Stan Searle, and Pay Holt. Committees Were formed with Pat Holt in charge of By-Laws; Jerry Williams, membership; Stan Searle, promotion and advertising; Bill Anthony, registrations and transfers; and Carroll Shores, show systems.

The first headquarters was set up in Jerry Williams' office in Austin, Texas. Jerry Williams was the first President, Executive Director, Registrar and whatever else came with the job. He did this with no cost to the Association.

The first cow register was Measles Supreme, breeder and owner Frank Doherty.
The first bull registered was Pring, breeder Dickinson Cattle Company, owner Paul Babington.

The first Convention and Show was held in Austin, TX October 25th, 1990. Bill Anthony was the first elected President; Jerry Williams, Vice President; Stan Searle, Treasurer. At the time of the convention, ITLA has 413 members, 99 of them were lifetime. By the end of the year, the membership had reached 500. Bill Anthony was President the year of 1991.

NETLA was the first Affiliate- Jim Hutchinson was President. Cascade TLA was the 2nd and by April of 1991, ITLA had seven Affiliates.

The first ITLA sale was held in Houston, Texas April 4th, 1992.

The first A.I. certified bull was Zhivago owned by Dickinson Cattle Company.

The first judging clinic was held at Wildwood Ranch in Lindale, TX in 1997.