International Texas Longhorn Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


The telephone meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. central time by Pres. Mike Tomey. Roll call found the following directors present: Gary Lake, vice president; Larry Reck, treasurer and region seven director; Gordon Musgrove, region one; Dan Grove, region two; Dick Lowe, region three; John Nelson, region four; Kevin Bryant, region six; Bear Davidson, at large number two; and Randy Witte, at large number one. Absent were T.J. Farnsworth, region five; and John Helm, region nine. Also present from the ITLA office was Chena Westbrook. An invocation was given by Mike Tomey.

Motion: Upon motion by Larry Reck, seconded by Dick Lowe, the 20-day notice for this meeting was waived unanimously.

Motion: Upon motion by John Nelson, seconded by Gary Lake, minutes of the October 27, 2016 board meeting and the October 29, 2016 general membership meeting were approved.

Larry Reck presented a financial report through November, 2016, which showed year-to-date revenue of $204,838.03, and year-to-date expenses of $159,064.24, resulting in a net profit to date of $45,773.79. Larry said there was $70,000 in the bank—“a big number for ITLA”—and total available funds amount to more than $34,000. The championship show and futurity, and the convention, produced revenue of $61,849 (not including the heifer sale), had expenses of $41,815, and showed a net profit of $20,033.

Motion: Upon motion by John Nelson, seconded by Kevin Bryant, the treasurer’s report was accepted.

Discussion followed regarding future ITLA-related sales, perhaps with some heifers and/or bulls being donated to ITLA in conjunction with regular consignment sales. There was general agreement that the heifer sale had been a big plus to conclude this year’s championship show and convention. Mike Tomey appointed a sale committee of Dick Lowe, Gary Lake and Gordon Musgrove, to look into the possibility of having one or more of these types of sales and make a recommendation to the board.

Under new business, Mike then asked that the following serve with him on his ITLA executive committee: Gary Lake, Larry Reck, Kevin Bryant and Randy Witte.

Motion: Upon motion by Dick Lowe, seconded by John Nelson, the executive committee selection was approved. The committee will assist Mike in occasional business that may come up between board meetings, or to do prior work on items in order to present them to the full board.

Motion: Upon motion by Dan Grove, seconded by Dick Lowe, it was agreed to give a free one-year ITLA membership to anyone who registers one or more head of cattle to the ITLA for the first time. This can be accomplished by sending a short form to newcomers upon receipt of a transfer, asking them to fill out and return to ITLA their name, phone, ranch name and address, and email to receive their free one-year membership.

Mike then brought up a need to alter the Longhorn logo for iRegister, our on-line registration service. He said Texas A & M complained that the logo too-closely resembled their Longhorn logo.

Discussion was held on the subject of advertising and marketing, and Gary Lake said he believed it would be beneficial to have a package of material, pamphlets and other free information about Texas Longhorns and ITLA, that a field person could take to 10 or 15 events and visit with people. Mike asked Gary and Bear Davidson to serve together on the advertising and marketing committee and come up with a budget and proposal for the board to consider.

The ITLA website was discussed and Chena updated the directors on her progress with the site, and mentioned she still needed photos of some of the new directors. Gary Lake suggested we talk to Molly Club at Hired Hand for help in overhauling the site. He said Hired Hand had software that was easy to use for Chena to complete future updates. This would also have the capability for members to print off their own lists of ITLA members.

This led into discussion of a professionally published membership directory, paid for with advertising. The last such directory was published and distributed in 2012. Gary Lake said he would pursue this project, getting cost estimates and perhaps polling ITLA membership via E-Blast in regards to interest in receiving and advertising in the directory.

Discussion then turned to the ITLA National Show and Convention for 2017. At the general membership meeting last October, there was support both for holding the show again at Cloverdale, and for holding it elsewhere. There is no doubt that the 2016 show held in the C Bar C facility was a tremendous success. Use of the facility cost the ITLA a modest $1,000, and bedded stalls were rented for $55 each. The board likes the idea of moving the show around to various locations, but perhaps not every year. Considering that 2017 is nearly upon us, and that we were treated so well in Cloverdale, the board decided that is where we need to be for next year’s national show and convention.

Motion: Upon motion by Kevin Bryant, seconded by Dick Lowe, it was decided unanimously to hold the 2017 ITLA National Show and Convention in Cloverdale, Indiana. Mike Tomey heads up the national show committee and appoints help as he sees a need for it.

In other business, Mike said the E-Drover needs more content sent to Editor Kevin Tregueiro. Send news from your regional associations, sales, events and so forth. The meeting concluded on a note from Chena Westbrook that she will email the directors information she has put together that could save the association several thousand dollars a year on our phone and internet service.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Witte, secretary