International Texas Longhorn Association board meeting

April 10, 2018


The telephone meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. central time by Pres. Mike Tomey. An invocation was given by Gary Lake, and roll call found the following officers and directors present: Gary Lake, vice president; Larry Reck, treasurer and region 7 director; Gordon Musgrove, region 1; Dan Grove, region 2; Dick Lowe, region 3; John Nelson, region 4; T.J. Farnsworth, region 5; Kevin Bryant, region 6; Larry Smith, region 8; Joe Dowling, region 9; Joel Dickinson, at-large #2; and Randy Witte, at-large #1. Also present were Madeline McGuire and Tanya Clayton of the ITLA office.

Pres. Tomey declared a quorum was present and Vice Pres. Lake gave an invocation. Treasurer Larry Reck proceeded to give an ITLA financial report for the two months through February, which showed $90,270.41 in First Financial Bank. Total available funds were $49,282.17, expenses totaled $7,507.48, and net income amounted to $6,228.47.

Motion: Upon motion by Gary Lake, seconded by Dan Grove, the February financial report was approved.

Office personnel, Madeline McGuire and Tanya Clayton, included an office activity report that showed 145 registrations and 71 transfers had been completed during February. Total membership at month’s end was 1,125. Kevin Bryant said the membership directory, which was printed and distributed earlier this year, had income of $21,000, expenses of $13,266 and made a net profit of $7,734.

The new ITLA Employee Handbook had been distributed to the board earlier and Pres. Tomey asked if anyone had any changes or suggestions. There were none.

Motion: Upon motion by Larry Reck, seconded by Joel Dickinson, the Employee Handbook was approved as written.

The subject of DNA testing to verify sire/dam was discussed. The board agreed that if anything is done on DNA regarding parent verification, it should be up to a vote by the ITLA membership.

It was brought up that ITLA should take the lead and move the industry forward and get started on an Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) program. The board was reminded that a $3,000 fund had been established years ago to begin an EPD program for Texas Longhorns.  This looked like the time to begin research on a control herd of 40 head, at a cost of $40 per head ($1,600 total) for a two-year study. All animals must be raised together. If anyone wants to participate in this program, we need cattle with birth weights, weaning weights, and horn measurements. The just of this program is to help breeders make better decisions in the direction they want their herd to go.

Motion: Upon motion by Joe Dowling, seconded by Dan Grove, it was agreed to undertake the EPD program. The following ITLA e-Blast explained all to the membership the next day.

The International Board of Directors of the ITLA decided, on Tuesday evening, to begin a voluntary EPD testing program for ITLA registered cattle that will start to build a database to enhance the future of the Longhorn breed.

With the newest technology available at a reasonable cost, breeders will be able to gain information on everything from pedigree to horn growth and disposition that will aid in choosing the perfect matings for their herd. The board heard reports from Kevin Bryant and Joe Dowling who have been studying the testing process for over a year, with exciting results back from the Elite Futurity. Kevin Bryant and Joe Dowling reported to us, “This information will help producers know whether an animal is better fit for horn development, beef production, or has the disposition to be the perfect show animal.” 

With funds already set aside for EPD testing, ITLA will begin, this year, to build a database specifically for Longhorn cattle. A look inside the individual animal's information will help every breeder make better decisions for the future of their own herds, and the breed as a whole. Board president, Mike Tomey says, “It’s exciting that ITLA can help take the lead in genetic research that will benefit every breeder in the future.”

While testing is a voluntary program, any breeder that chooses to will have their animals tracked and noted in the ITLA database, this should add value to your animals. The goal of the ITLA is and always has been to help its membership be successful in the production of Longhorn Cattle and this latest decision will be a tool to help every breeder be more efficient in their breeding efforts. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect bull or cow, but now we can actually ‘look inside’ and see what builds the end product.


I am also happy to announce, the ITLA board decided to make this convenient for all Longhorn breeders, and we are offering a special limited time offer for any breeder that would like to dual register their whole herd with ITLA and become a member for $5.00 a transfer. Our goal at ITLA is to build the greatest EPD program and lead the industry into the future.

Any questions can be directed to the ITLA office in Glen Rose ( or 254-898-0157) or one of our board members (listed on our website at



Mike Tomey

ITLA President 812-583-4622




Next item on the meeting agenda was a progress report on the upcoming ITLA National Championship Show and Convention in Enid, Okla., October 24-27. We have a contract on the venue, Chisholm Trail Expo Center, a complete list of motels/hotels, and we still need to select a caterer. The board agreed to hold the convention fee at $65 again this year, which will include three evening dinners. Pres. Tomey said we needed 25 heifers to be donated for the heifer auction, and also asked each director to get $5,000 in advertising and/or sponsorships.


Madeline McGuire reported on a switch in merchant services that is saving ITLA money in the office.
We have been paying an 8-percent fee for credit card transactions, but that has dropped to 1.5 percent now that we are with First Financial Bank. The office also has new phones, same phone number, but a lower monthly phone bill ($180) that comes with a switch in phone service providers. Pres. Tomey thanked both Madeline and Tanya for the good work they’re doing in the office.


Larry Smith said Raelynn Stephens had agreed to reprise her former role as ITLA youth director, if that’s what the board wanted.


Motion: Upon motion by Larry Smith, seconded by Joe Dowling, it was agreed to have Raelynn Stephens once again assume her role as youth director.


Gordon Musgrove raised the question of having more than one director to represent Canada, i.e. central and eastern Canada. The board recognized it would take a change in ITLA by-laws to do so, and therefore the subject was tabled.


The meeting was then adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Randy Witte, secretary