Minutes 10-29-16

International Texas Longhorn Association

General Membership Meeting

Saturday, October 29, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m. by Pres. Mike Tomey in the C Bar C Center in Cloverdale, Indiana. Roll call found the following directors present: Gary Lake, vice president; Larry Reck, treasurer and region seven director; Gordon Musgrove, region one; Lizz Huntzberry, region two; Dick Lowe, region three; John Nelson, region four; T.J. Farnsworth, region five; Kevin Bryant, region six; John Helm, region nine; Dan Grove, successor to Lizz Huntzberry for region two; Bear Davidson, at large number two; and Randy Witte, at large number one.

Larry Reck presented a financial report—the same one presented to the board two days earlier—and assured the membership that the ITLA was back on a good financial course, and that the current ITLA National Championship Show would finish in the black, thanks to the many show sponsors.

Motion: Upon motion by Brad Hancock, seconded by Glen West, the financial report was approved.

Minutes of the general membership meeting in Oklahoma City on October 24, 2015, were read.

Motion: Upon motion by Roland West, seconded by Jim Fike, the minutes were approved.

Vice Pres. Gary Lake commented on the year of adversity the ITLA had overcome while considering and then ultimately declining to merge with Texas Longhorn Marketing Association, which subsequently announced it would become a third registry for Texas Longhorn cattle under the name Texas Longhorn Cattle Association. Gary reiterated the board’s opinion that our association would continue to be all-inclusive to Texas Longhorn breeders and that we should always strive to get better and stronger as a registry and service organization for our members.

Lizz Huntzberry officially stepped down from her directorship for region two, and her successor, Dan Grove, was officially installed as region two director.

General discussion was held on the location of next year’s national championship show. Many voiced enthusiasm for holding it a second year in Cloverdale, while others asked about returning to Texas or various other states.  Stan Searle made a motion to appoint a committee to work out a three-year plan for the show. The motion died for lack of a second. A motion to return to Cloverdale next year with a subsequent three-year plan in place was tabled. The board and those members in attendance voiced support for the idea that it will be beneficial to get input from the general membership before any major decisions are made.

Motion: Shadow Seaman moved, and Glen West seconded, to put board minutes and board agendas on the ITLA website. Motion passed.

In other discussion, the members were told the ITLA website will be updated; the floor voiced a need for more judges clinics—satellite and especially “hands on;” the ITLA membership list needs to be updated—currently, one has to phone the office and ask to be added to the list, while those using iRegister go on the list automatically.

It was noted that we needed to wrap up the meeting in order to make way for the banquet and heifer auction.

Motion: Rowland West moved, Gary Lake seconded, to adjourn. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Witte, secretary