Minutes 1-23-18


International Texas Longhorn Association board meeting

January 23, 2018


The telephone meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. central time by Pres. Mike Tomey. An invocation was given by Gary Lake, and roll call found the following officers and directors present: Gary Lake, vice president; Larry Reck, treasurer and region 7 director; Gordon Musgrove, region 1; Dan Grove, region 2; John Nelson, region 4; T.J. Farnsworth, region 5; Kevin Bryant, region 6; Larry Smith, region 8; Joe Dowling, region 9; Joel Dickinson, at-large #2; and Randy Witte, at-large #1. Dick Lowe, region 3, was absent. Also present were Madeline McGuire and Tanya Clayton of the ITLA office.

Pres. Tomey declared a quorum was present and asked that the following items be added to the agenda: consideration for the possibility of hiring an ITLA executive director; discussion of a new Longhorn show at Regina, Sask.; proposed ITLA advertising in the Appaloosa Horse Association’s trade magazine. The board added these additional items.

Trea. Larry Reck presented the latest financial report, which was an update on income and expenses of the Championship Show. The show generated income of $115,244.59; expenses of $75,273.84; and net profit of $39,970, which included income from the heifer auction. Without the heifer auction income, net profit would have been $6,610.75.

As of November 30, 2017, the ITLA has $100,128.97 in First Financial Bank, and $60,640.73 in available funds.

Motion: Upon motion by Gordon Musgrove, seconded by Gary Lake, the financial report was accepted.

Discussion turned to the 2018 Championship Show and Convention. Kevin Bryant has met with officials in Enid, Okla., who are eager to work with us in hosting the show and convention October 24-27. The indoor facility has ample room, though there is a need for more pen panels. The panels, or at least use of the panels, may be donated. There are 19 area hotels plus caterers available for our use. Total cost for renting the facility, the Chisholm Trail Expo Center, is $7,900. Show and committee members include Kevin Bryant, John Nelson, Larry Smith and Joe Dowling.

 Motion: Upon motion by John Nelson, seconded by Gary Lake, the 2018 show and convention will be held in Enid, Oklahoma.

Motion: Following discussion, upon motion by Larry Reck, seconded by Joe Dowling, the ITLA office staff will be paid weekly rather than every two weeks.

Kevin Bryant, who has overseen production of the upcoming ITLA Membership Directory, said the directory is ready to print. It contains 76 pages with contact information for 1,152 members; 1,400 copies will be printed for a total cost of $12,466.20. This includes labor for mailing directories. A total of $14,000, of the $20,000 pledged for advertising, has been received.

Motion: Upon motion by Randy Witte, seconded by Joel Dickinson, a check for $12,466.20 will be sent to American Livestock Magazine to produce the directory.

An update on the Craig Perez situation ensued. Pres. Tomey said he had talked to Mr. Perez and invited him to a hearing with the ITLA board. Mr. Perez declined to attend and said he would abide by what the board decided.

Motion: Upon motion by Gary Lake, seconded by Randy Witte, it was decided to send Mr. Perez a letter of censorship and place him on two years of probation, during which time he must provide DNA test results for any cattle he wishes to register. DNA must be drawn by a licensed veterinarian. The roll-call vote passed with one No vote by Dan Grove. 

Gary Lake raised the question as to whether it was time for ITLA to consider hiring an executive director. He suggested the board have a conversation with Roger Hutton, former Longhorn breeder and past ITLA president who has a reputation for being an astute businessman. Whether ITLA can or should fill such a position would be the topic of conversation. The board agreed it would be worthwhile for Mike Tomey to have this preliminary discussion with Roger Hutton. Mike will report back to the board.

Motion: Upon motion by Dan Grove, seconded by Gary Lake, the board agreed to accept Samantha King as an ITLA certified judge, providing she has completed all the requirements for becoming a judge.

Motion: Upon motion by Randy Witte, seconded by Gordon Musgrove, the board agreed to accept Deb Lesyk as an ITLA certified judge, as Ms Lesyk has completed all the requirements for becoming a judge.

Joel Dickinson then presented a proposal to run Longhorn advertising in Appaloosa News magazine, trade publication of Appaloosa Horse Association. The idea is to appeal to Appaloosa horse owners who like colorful horses to also appreciate, and hopefully want to own, colorful Texas Longhorn cattle. Potential Longhorn owners who wish to receive information on the cattle will be able to phone the ITLA office and find breeders in their locales. Breeders in those locales will be notified. Ad response tracked by the ITLA office was discussed.

Motion: On motion by Joel Dickinson, seconded by Gary Lake, it was decided to pay for six full-page ads over a period of six months in Appaloosa News at a rate of $733.55 per ad. It was also agreed to offer Appaloosa Horse Association an advertising trade agreement for Appaloosa advertising in e-Drover at $50 per ad per month. The board then agreed to cancel the February board meeting and to adjourn the current meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Witte, secretary