New ITLA Office - Framing



The HVAC contractors were installing all of the interior ductwork and other stuff.
The windows are in, the vapor barrier is up. All of this despite
another amazing (and unexpected) downpour this morning!
The metal roofer is next, but they are all backed up here due to the recent high winds and bountiful rains. In fact, the Paluxy River which passes though Glen Rose is normally only a warm trickle by this time of year. It is still near flood stage and nearly claimed it's second life in as many weeks. So far there has been one fatality and two near drownings. We are getting a lot of rain!

The building has been dried-in now. The metal roofing (weather permitting) will be going on starting Monday, as well as the beginning of the sheetrock on the inside.

Here are the pictures of the Paluxy River. The flooding had subsided by a large amount before these photos were taken. The first picture is of the dam that was built last summer to back up enough water to pump over to a reservoir they are still building. During the months of July and August the river is usually completely dry, so they had no problems constructing the dam in 2006. The water coming over the top of it is only about a foot deep. Just two days before you couldn’t even tell that there was a dam there – all you saw was a ripple in the turbulent flow. If you didn’t know the dam was supposed to be there, you couldn’t even tell what the ripple was. The next picture shows the flow just downstream of the dam. If you look to the left side of the river you will see the “big rocks” of Big Rocks Park. There are some very large logs resting on top of those rocks. Any guess on how they got there? Yup, the water was that high! I have included a detail picture for you too.

Just happened to be passing through town today and we decided to drop by
and see what was going on at the building site.

As you can see, the roof is going on! John Hodges was just leaving as we got there. He was taking measurements for the custom cabinets.

I will try to drop by Monday after work - I'd bet that the roof would be
finished by then.

The roof is complete with the exception of the hip ridge trim!