Guidelines for Emailing Registration Photos to ITLA

Photos can always be mailed in with the registration application, but email is better. Here are some guidelines for emailing photos to the ITLA for registrations.

1. Start with a well posed photo taken in good light.
2. Scan photo into your computer or copy from digital camera.
3. Use your favorite photo editing program to make any adjustments to the color and exposure that is needed.
4. Crop out the extra space from around the longhorn in photo.
5. Crop and size the photo to 750 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall or 7.5 in x 5 in at 100 DPI.
6. Name the photo the same as the name you sent in on your registration application.
7.Attach photo to an email. Please don't embed it.
8.Put the name of your longhorn in the subject line of the email.
9.Email photos one at a time to:
10.Put your name in the body of the message so the office knows for sure where it came from.