New Office Draws Closer to Reality

Smith donates land for headquarters site
By Darol Dickinson, Chairman, Building Fund Raising

For many years, ITLA members have made contributions for the Office Building Fund and little by little, the reality of it all is falling into place. There have been youth fundraisers, cash donations and numerous pledges. Now, the fund is growing rapidly.

During the ITLA Championship Show and Convention Banquet, a nice $10,200 came in from an auction of seven donated cattle from ITLA members.

Office BlueprintsRecent exciting developments sparked the new coffer expansion. During the ITLA board meeting, 2.68 acres of land was officially received by the board from L. S. Ranches of Glen Rose, Texas. L. S. Ranches, donated a beautiful parcel overlooking Texas State Highway 67, just northeast of the Glen Rose Expo Center. The tract, promptly accepted by the board, will be the home of the new ITLA Headquarters.

Donor Larry P. Smith said, "The Texas Longhorn industry has been very good to our family and this is a chance to give something back." L. S. Ranches was an early major producer of quality cattle during the 70s and 80s.

Previous ITLA President John Hodges presented a drawing of the proposed native stone building and an architectural interior drawing. Once the actual concept of an attractive new building was presented, excitement mushroomed. Ground breaking is planned shortly and with a few more strokes of generosity, the building could possibly be completed by the end of 2007.

The completed building, as proposed with the donated land value, is estimated to have a final appraisal of just under $500,000. To move into the building debt free, another $120,000 will need to be raised or financed. The following donors of cattle and buyers are appreciated for raising $10,200 for the immediate fund.

Lot #1—Dinah and bull calf, donated by Grandpatch Ranch, sold for $1,300 to Rex Mosser, Wesley Watson Jr. and Marquess Arrow Ranch. She was then donated back to ITLA and sold to Dickinson Cattle Co. for $1,000
Lot #2—Eclairs Reality, donated by John Stockton, sold to Dr. Keith Berkeley for $900.
Lot #3—7-11 Super Delite, donated by Durell Farnsworth, sold to Dr. June Cohron for $1,700.
Lot #4—Super Fund, donated by Dickinson Cattle Co., sold to Dr. Keith Berkeley for $2,200.
Lot #5—Maucho's Reflection, donated by Searle Ranches, sold to Tracey Sekely for $1,000.
Lot #6—Zarla and heifer calf, donated by Dave Miller, sold to Butch Brantley for $1,100.
Lot #7—C9 Special Dancer, donated by Roger Hutton, sold to John Hodges for $1,000.

A PowerPoint™ presentation was projected for all banquet attendees on a large screen. Jim and Tracy Sekely arranged and produced the colorful presentation, which ran in 10-second segments, during the delicious steak meal and also during the auction.

Due to this leadership effort, it is evident that the total building funding can be in-hand before construction completion. Each ITLA member and friend of the Texas Longhorn breed is encouraged to contribute. It can be done by cash donations, public auction of cattle or private fundraising. It is limited only by each member's creativity and generosity.

Check each Drover for the new increasing list of Building Fund donors. These are the most appreciated people in the Longhorn industry. We welcome you to join this philanthropic group and attend "your" Open House Celebration.