ITLA Registration Form Instructions

Animals of Texas Longhorn ancestry who meet all registration requirements of the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the International Texas Longhorn Association, and provided both parents are registered with the the ITLA or another ITLA recognized Texas Longhorn Registry, may upon completion of all required registration information, be entered into the Registry of the ITLA. Application for Registration forms will be provided by the ITLA. Required registration fees and photocopies of certificates must accompany the completed application.

The original Registration Application form is to be forwarded to:
International Texas Longhorn Association
PO Box 2610
Glen Rose, TX 76043.

The copy should be retained for your records.
Line 1 thru 4: Name, Address, Phone and ITLA Member #.

Line 5: Name of Animal to be registered. The name must not exceed 24 characters, spaces and punctuation marks. No Symbols please.

Line 6: Sex. Circle the correct letter to indicate the sex of the animal. H=Heifer or Cow, B=Bull, S=Steer.

Line 7: Date of Birth

Line 8: Birth Weight (Optional)

Line 9: Service + Circle the correct letter which indicates the type of birth of the animal to be registered. N=Natural, T=Embryo Transfer, A=Artificial Insemination. Please attach a completed AI Breeding and Embryo Transfer form. These forms may be obtained for the ITLA office.

Line 10: OCV No. (Official Calfhood Vaccination). The OCV Tag Number is placed in the animals ear. Must be done by a Certified Veterinarian. This number is optional on the Certification of Registration Form, but highly recommended if you are from a state that requires OCV.

Line 11: Twin = Circle Yes or No

Line 12: Color = The color of the animal should be show on the Certificate in the least number of words that will properly describe the animal. Use abbreviations. The following colors, color patterns and body descriptions are used most often. Red=Rd White=Wh Brown=Brn Black=Blk Dun=Dun Grulla=Gru Yellow=Yl Roan=Rn Brindle=Brndl Spots=Spts Spotted=sptd Speckled=Spkld Body=Bdy Ears=Ers Forehead=4hd Lineback=Lb Head=Hd Neck=Neck Switch=Sw Underline=Ul

Line 13: Holding brand and location. This is your ownership brand, legally registered and duly recorded in your proper State and/or Country records.

Line 14: Your I.D. number can be made up of any combinations of numbers, it is your choice. You must use a different number on each animal. For instance some people would start with the number 1 either over or under the year. Examples 1/7 or 7/1. Others would prefer the numbers in a straight line. Example 17 or 71. It is much easier to keep track of numbers if they are consecutive. For example 1/7 on the first calf you brand, the second would be 2/7, etc. These numbers along with the holding brand must be on animals before you can register them with the International Texas Longhorn Association.

Line 15: Optional

Line 16: Optional

Line 17 - 19: Sire's Name - Sire's Registration Number - Sire's ID Number

Line 20 - 22: Dam's Name - Dam's Registration Number - Dam's ID Number

Line 23: Date Animal Acquired. If you raised this animal use the date of birth. If you purchase this animal use the purchase date.

Line 24 - 25: Breeder's Name and Breeder's ITLA Number. This is the owner of the dam at the time of conception of the animal being registered.

Line 26 - 29: Owner of Animals Being Registered - ITLA Member Number - Address of Owner, Signature and Date.

Line 30: Send Certificate to: Please mark applicable box to have the Certificate sent to Owner or Applicant.