ITLA World Headquarters Paid Off!!

By Darol Dickinson
Horn ChartExcitement explodes when the rodeo begins, when the starting bullet is fired, and when Texas Longhorn cattle unload for the first show of the season. It is a fresh start, a new challenge; adrenalin runs especially swift. And so it was for the Building Fund over the past dozen plus years. Just last year so many folks came to the party and purchased the branding stones, made very generous contributions and the building blossomed. It happened! Now, like the stall cleaning after the show we have the final challenge of wrapping up the fund raising and putting a final bow on the ITLA building effort.

So many were so generous. The beautiful custom cabinets were donated for the building, by Stan and Sandi Tidwell. Our past president John Hodges donated his time and built the building to perfection due to the generosity of his construction company --- coming in over $25,000 less than the bid. Larry Smith Sr. donated the land and provided the beautiful limestone "dirt cheap." The Hancocks donated months of office time during our irksome recovery period. Actually, hundreds contributed.

This whole charitable period has been a brilliant tribute to the cohesive and smooth working relationship the members have enjoyed during these may accumulation years. Last year a limestone entry decoration was developed to create another method of contribution. Loyal ITLA members rallied to the need with a quick draw of the check book: Rex Mosser, Ron Marquess, John and Sheila Hodges, Ben and Ann Gravett, Stan and Jimmie Jernigan, Larry Smith, Dickinson Cattle Co Inc, Dick and Peg Lowe, Stan and Lorna Searle, Roger Hutton, John Stockton, Bill Burton and John Nelson.

Now it is wrap up time. Time to scrape up the final few coins ---- and burn the mortgage. There are no gifts to large, or too small.

The $2000 branding stones are still available. (One suggestion, do it now and they will be engraved during the 2008 Convention and Championship Show Headquarter Social ).
The $200 branding boards are still available. Just send the $200 and a rustic board the exact size will be mailed so you can perfectly execute your brand.
Many have donated cattle with auction proceeds going 100% to ITLA. Every sale manager so far has allowed sales with no cost to the consignor.
Some folks make pledges with designated amounts to be sent to ITLA over a period of time, as the funds are available.
Some enclose additional amounts above the regular service fees when certificates are processed. (Don't forget to tag these as "Building Fund."
If you are completely broke, don't worry, ITLA can receive donations from your credit card----now that is real Longhorn love!
The ITLA Convention Banquet will auction donated items. Bring something really nice. (No stolen soap from motels please!) Nice Longhorn stuff worth $100 or more suggested.

Now it is time to do the final bounty. There is a time to reap the benefits, a time to give back, and a time to invest in the future. That time is now. Many have generously given, but even more haven't. If you can support the stone branding effort send a clear drawing of your brand with your contribution and clear instructions.

Every member is invited to view the finished headquarters complex. Plan a trip to check out the new office. Kick the limestone tires. Attend the convention. This is the climax of a lengthy memorial to the great Texas Longhorn breed, but even more ----- a rich remembrance of a large group of very "giving" people.

Stone Wall During Construction

Brands Currently On Stone Wall